“This book’s literary quality, the range of registers that it deploys in a nearly kaleidoscopic panorama, achieves the feat of plumbing the darkest depths with a soberness that resists all voyeurism.”

La Libre Belgique

“A clarion call to the edge of the brothel, the edge of the abyss. The first Christians’ tales can be heard resounding there, whispering Aramean consolations and howling genocidal horrors. A story all, especially those who would deny Islamist fascism, should read.”


“From the end of the world, the ‘whore of the Caliphate’ has been pleading over and over for five years for this message to be passed on. ‘I hope the United Nations will support my cause and bring it before the International Court of Justice. It’s what I need to reclaim my dignity,’ she declares.”


“The fruit of many years’ labor, this volume is just as valuable as it is horrific. It describes the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the fate of Western Christians. Their voices, freed at last from obscurity, feed this literary text written by four hands.”


“This poignant text offers a deep reflection on religion, faith, and God, questioning Islam and Christianity alike.”

Femme Actuelle

“In this moving story about the conditions of Daech slaves, all man’s sins are incarnated in this female body.”

Le Canard Enchaîné

Author Biographies:

Sara DANIEL, writer and special correspondent at L’Obs, is the author of Voyage aux pays d’Al-Qaïda (Seuil) and Guerres intimes, De l’Afghanistan à la Syrie (Flammarion).

Benoît KANABUS, former researcher at the Fonds national belge de la Recherche scientifique (FNRS), and guest professor at various universities, witnessed the Battle of Mosul alongside the Christians.