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  • Location :Africa Maroc


    “Walking without moving: Nothing has changed”, Mouley Hicham speaks to Morocco’s attempt at reform: The essential powers remain in the hands of the King

    An Interview with Moulay Hicham, researcher at Stanford, cousin of the King of Morocco

    Did the elections that just took place in Morocco, in which the Islamist party – the Justice and Development Party (PJD) – became the first party of Morocco, inaugurate a new democratic era?

    The elections that just took place inaugurated a new cycle in Moroccan politics. They cap a process initiated by the royal speech of March 9, which was a response to the popular pressure from the street. Because contrary to what some claim, there is no Moroccan exception: the Moroccan people want democracy. The Moroccan political regime is an authoritarian one that is being challenged, as have many others in the region, by the Arab Spring.

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  • Location :Middle East Iran


    Iranians speak to the Iranians

    She was furious to be here in this little piece of Iran located in the heart of Portland Place in London. So close but so far from home. The evening

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